Many performance chips simply increase the fuel pressure, boost and throttle input. The feeling of power is great, but there is nothing that monitors engine temperature, changes inputs for different driving needs, measures over-fuelling and the fuel-air mixture, or the many other elements that are required to deliver safe power.


Getting the most power from your engine does not always help when you are driving in a technical off-road section where good throttle response is more important than pure engine power. For these conditions, you can select an off-road setting on your Unichip that gives you more low-down power. This is also an ideal setting if you are towing a large caravan or boat, or towing someone who does not have the power of a Unichip from the mud or water.


In light of our ever-increasing fuel prices, achieving better fuel economy has become a priority for most people, but they do not always know how to do it.  Short of the oft-preached mantra of driving more slowly, what else can one do to improve the fuel economy of one’s vehicle, if at all.


Reprogramming the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit can be dangerous and you may lose the ability to revert to the standard settings if something goes wrong. If you have opted for a Unichip Easy Connect, you can plug it in and remove it as you wish, such as when you take your vehicle for a service or replace your vehicle.


Select and lock the vehicle in this setting when you park and are worried about the safety of the vehicle. In this mode the engine is rendered completely powerless and it will not deliver any power to the wheels. Your engine will merely turn, but nothing will happen.


Road-speed signals are normally digital signals generated by the speed sensor in the transmission. They can also be inductive signals, or sometimes the ABS system will send road-speed information over the CAN bus to the ECU. The ECU uses the speed signal to calculate road speed and automatic transmission shift points. You can use the Unichip to manipulate the road-speed signal in order to remove road-speed limiters.


Performance Enhancement SpecialiST SINCE 1993



What this means is that the Unichip does not permanently change or reprogram the inputs from your vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU). The system simply intercepts the signals, changes them as required and sends them to the various engine components.

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For over three decades, we’ve maintained an impressive record, successfully installing 399 out of every 400 Unichips. This unmatched success rate sets us apart in the industry, underscoring Unichip’s leadership in performance and its status as the most reliable choice available. No other product in the market can boast such a claim.

At Unichip, we don’t make exaggerated promises about the improvements our product will bring to your vehicle. Instead, we let the results speak for themselves. Every car is unique, making it challenging to predict the exact enhancements the Unichip will provide prior to installation.

The benefits of the Unichip vary with each vehicle. Some may experience improved fuel efficiency, while others might see a significant boost in power. In certain cases, the most noticeable improvement could be in drivability.

The extent of these improvements largely depends on how closely the car’s existing map aligns with the ideal for that specific vehicle. In most instances, you can expect enhancements in fuel efficiency, power, and overall drivability, thanks to the precision and adaptability of the Unichip.


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