Unichip Specialized Kit for 300 Series Land Cruiser

Sep 22, 2023 | My Vehicle

300 series

Celebrating Tuning Innovation


Unichip specialized tuning kits for the new 300 Series Land Cruiser unveil remarkable coincidences. As Dastek’s Unichip team marks 30 years of tuning innovation, they align with Toyota’s 300th application schematic. A celebration of 30 and 300 emerges.

Powerful Variants: Petrol and Diesel Versions

The new 300 Series Land Cruiser showcases its prowess in both petrol (V35A-FTS) and diesel (F33A-FTV) versions. The Unichip team seized the opportunity to craft tailored Unichip kits for both variants. Initial tests highlighted promising standard numbers, with a focus on refining the diesel version’s low RPM drivability.

Diesel Performance Enhancement: Optimized Power Delivery

Dynamometer reports demonstrate remarkable improvements in the diesel variant. Power delivery across the RPM range is significantly enhanced, accompanied by smoothed power output. This improvement is achieved while maintaining conservative boost and mixtures. Unichip X+ introduces map selection via the vehicle’s “Driving Mode” switch, offering ECO and Power maps for varied driving experiences.

Petrol Performance Unleashed: Road-Tested Thrills

The petrol variant delivers impressive dynamometer results and an even more exhilarating on-road experience. Acceleration impresses, but the true game-changer lies in its cruising capability, delivering a well-rounded driving encounter.

Tailored Driving Modes: Match Your Mood

Unichip’s driving mode selection lets you tailor your driving experience. Multiple maps and tuning stages align with optimal tuning principles, ensuring each mode is perfected for the 300 Series. Manufacturers employ similar approaches in late-model vehicles.

Advanced Protections: Temperature and Timer Functions

Unichip safeguards the 300 Series improvements with unique temperature and timer functions. Temperature-based power boosts optimize performance under optimal conditions, while timer functions offer short bursts of extra power when needed. Unichip delivers secure and optimal power, with additional functions like intelligent anti-theft solutions available.

Harness the Unichip Advantage

Elevate your 300 Series Land Cruiser’s performance with Unichip’s specialized kits. Whether it’s the petrol or diesel version, Unichip’s tailored solutions enhance power, responsiveness, and driving pleasure. Explore the possibilities today by reaching out to 300series@unichip.com or click here for more info on the Unichip.



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