Unichip Is Not Just Another Engine Computer

Nov 11, 2019 | Articles, Unichip Is Not Just Another Engine Computer

Not just another Engine Computer?

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) in modern cars primarily controls most of the components in your car. The ECU is a computer in itself, so why would you require another engine computer to control it? Well, the Unichip piggyback computer by no means intends to replace the ECU. The Unichip is “not just another Engine Computer”. It is a unique piece of ingenuity. The Unichip is there to fine-tune your ECU’s settings in order to extract better performance and economy from your engine. In doing so, it gives you extra control of variables over which you wouldn’t normally have any control over. Do we imply that your car is not delivering its optimal power and economy when leaving the factory? Yes, we do indeed state this as a fact. We have found that there is almost always room for performance and economy (and other) improvements on factory released cars.

Ingenuity in a small box

The Unichip is extremely versatile. The motorsport world revere and appreciate its abilities. This is mainly because of its ability to modify turbo boost and power output, giving race cars that final edge. It has also been used extensively in economy runs to help cars realise their true fuel economy potential. Beyond motorsport and competition use, the Unichip is also available for personal use. You and your car can enjoy its benefits on a daily basis while driving to work and back. For normal road use, we tune the Unichip to optimise your engine for the best power, economy and reliability. Yes, there is always more power to be extracted from a car. We would, however, be doing our customers a disservice if we did this at the detriment of safety and reliability.

More benefits than you may think

A race car’s engine must deliver maximum power with little regard for economy. Because race car engines are frequently rebuilt, it does not have to remain reliable for hundreds of thousands of kilometres. Things are different on the road. Cars in daily use must deal with many road conditions and high mileage. Because of this, reliability is very important. Maximum power beyond safe limits of your engine’s design may be great for a while, but that won’t last long. If you stress a car’s components or systems beyond its capabilities, things will eventually start to go wrong. This is why we won’t stress your car’s engine beyond its designed capabilities.

Unichip picks up all the loose ends and gives you several customisable control maps to optimise your ECU’s standard settings. It reduces the waste of standardised ECU programming that doesn’t work equally well on all the different mass-produced engines. What is more, is that you can enjoy Unichip’s benefits on your next car too. We can just remove it and install it again on most of today’s cars. If you’re not happy within three months, we’ll refund you. So you see, the Unichip is indeed not just another Engine Computer. There is no way to lose with this one. Click here to contact us and have your Unichip fitted today.



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