Money Matters – Spend It Well

Nov 11, 2019 | Articles, Money Matters – Spend It Well

Money matters, spend it well.

Cars are expensive and often emotional purchases. Many people see their cars as extensions of their personalities. As such, they often want their cars to be just as unique as they are. To this end, people spend thousands on after-market accessories. They do this to make their rides different from the rest. Car owners add spoilers, special wheels, sound systems and engine modifications, to mention but a few. In actual fact, there are so many accessories on offer to vehicle owners to enhance their vehicle’s look and performance. The number of modifications may depend on how deep your pockets are. That is why money matters. If you are practically minded and don’t care for trinkets and trivialities, you can optimise your engine affordably.

Optimise with a Unichip

Performance enhancement may be expensive, and if you choose the wrong enhancement, it may cost you dearly later. Why do we say this? When you enhance one component, you should always take other components into consideration that work with the enhanced one. If you fail to do this, you run the high risk of damaging a component that becomes overworked. This may result in catastrophic engine failure.

To deliver the best power and economy – better than your standard power and economy – fit a Unichip. We know that money matters. With a Unichip, you won’t require a wing, large wheels, and a dropped suspension. The Unichip is a performance part. We fit it out of sight, and it will optimise the standardised settings of your engine’s ECU. The standardised settings do not allow your engine to reach its full potential. With the Unichip, we can improve its potential.

Money well spent

The Unichip is money well spent because it can actually safely improve your car’s performance. Yes, money matters! This is unlike the doubtful value some other performance parts add. Unless you develop it aerodynamically, that rear wing can, in fact, increase drag and with it, ruin performance and economy. How likely is it that a Unichip can bring about improvements in both power and economy? Unichip offers a refund and Unichip removal GUARANTEE if you are not happy within three months of purchase. Currently, less than 0.3% of people take us up on that offer. That is a market-leading satisfaction rate.

Once we fit your Unichip, you have several options. The Unichip offer five standard map sets from which you may choose, with the mere click of a button. It offers you an economy setting to preserve your fuel consumption when you are just cruising about. If you require full power, then simply click and the Unichip will safely optimise your engine for that requirement. You also have the option of a 4×4 and towing setting, as well as an anti-theft setting. To return to normal mode will also only require a click of your radio frequency (RF) remote. You can opt for additional maps that you can select manually. These can include a valet map to limit power and engine speed when you leave your car at a dealership.

All these maps live within the Unichip and not within your vehicle’s ECU. They cannot be erased by routine ECU software updates. You get unique maps for your engine that are different from anybody else’s. What makes it unique, is that the Unichip is optimised exclusively for your car and your preferences. Do not miss out; become part of the Unichip family. Click here to contact us today.



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