Real-Time Engine Mapping

Aug 30, 2023 | Uncategorised

Unichip’s Real-Time engine mapping

The Unichip is a fully reprogrammable performance-enhancing chip that is powerful enough to read and manipulate the signals sent by the engine’s electronic control unit. The Unichip is not a plug-and-play system, which sets us apart from other vehicle enhancement chips. Each Unichip is installed by a certified Unichip installer through a method called ”live tuning”.


Decoding the Real-Time Engine Mapping

Your vehicle’s engine is a complex orchestra of power and efficiency. Real-time engine mapping is the conductor that fine-tunes this symphony. It’s not a simple one-size-fits-all solution; it’s an intricate process that customizes your engine’s performance in real-time based on various factors. “Live tuning” means that a Unichip installer uses a dynamo-meter to read the performance output on your vehicle’s standard ECU before programming the Unichip to optimise your engine’s performance. This single factor sets the Unichip apart, as it allows for “custom tuning” giving way to an exceptional list of benefits.


Benefits of having a Unichip:

Precision Power Delivery: Many performance chips simply increase the fuel pressure, boost and throttle input. The feeling of power is great, but there is nothing that monitors engine temperature, changes inputs for different driving needs, measures over-fueling and the fuel-air mixture or the many other elements that are required to deliver safe power. Unichip’s real-time mapping adjusts power delivery on the fly, ensuring that you have the right amount of safe power exactly when you need it.

Elevated Fuel Efficiency: Real-time mapping isn’t just about power; it’s also about efficiency. We promise our customer that their car will be as light as possible on fuel, when driven calmly.

Seamless Adaptability: The Unichip integrates with your vehicle’s ECU to optimise the engine’s performance while you drive.. Unichip’s real-time mapping adapts to your driving nuances, making every journey a tailored experience.

Optimized Performance: Real-time mapping fine-tunes every aspect of your engine, from throttle response to gear shifts, resulting in a driving experience that’s both exhilarating and refined.

Engine Variability: Custom Results

Because no two cars are identical it is impossible to predict just how far from perfect the vehicle will be before fitting the Unichip. Some cars are closer than others are and therefore the results will vary. On some cars you may get better fuel consumption but maybe not much more power. On others, the increase in power might be good but the fuel consumption might remain the same. Some might get a lot of improvement in driveability. In most cases, you should be able to improve all of the above. It all depends on how close to perfect the car’s existing map is for that particular vehicle.

Experience the results of engine mapping with unichip

Ready to experience a drive that’s beyond the ordinary? Embrace Unichip’s engine mapping and embark on a journey where power, efficiency, and personalization converge.

Discover the fusion of real-time mapping and custom tuning with Unichip today. Reach out to our certified installers and transform your driving experience into one that’s exhilarating, efficient, and uniquely yours. Unichip – where innovation powers your drive to excellence. Click here to get in touch with a Unichip expert today. 



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