Unichip and the Isuzu KB360 

Feb 6, 2020 | My Vehicle

Unichip and the Isuzu KB360 

No two engines are identical and it is impossible to predict just how far from perfect the Isuzu KB360 will be before fitting the Unichip.

Some vehicles are closer to the manufacturer’s specifications than others. Therefore, the performance results of the Unichip will vary on your engine. With some KB360s, you may experience better fuel consumption but less power. On another, the increase in power might be very good but having more power means that the fuel consumption might remain the same. With a Unichip, you will experience a large improvement in drivability.

In most cases though, you should be able to improve all performance parameters, though the extent of the Unichip’s overall integration depends on how close to perfect a particular car’s original engine map is. Our promise is that your car will be as light as possible on fuel when they drive sedately and will make as much safe power as possible at full throttle. We also undertake to give you a full refund – including installation and mapping fee* – if within three months you feel it is not worth having the Unichip.

We do not make any other promises.

* Note that this is valid for the South African market where the Unichip is developed. Please check with your local distributor for their warranty terms and conditions.

Chip Tuning your Isuzu KB360

Unichip recommends that you not let unqualified personnel attempt to tune your Isuzu KB360.

The performance industry started with mechanics changing the settings of the air and fuel ratio in engines for more power. This was done by using a screwdriver and adjusting the carburettor’s mixture. In some cases, a dangerous knock or detonation problem would rear its head at low revolutions to warn if you had taken things too far with the mixture strength. However, today, there are so many more things you can do when tuning your electronically-controlled car – but you require the services of a professional.

It is very easy to damage your vehicle’s engine when you do not have it tuned by a technician with the required know-how to successfully manipulate the electronics to achieve the desired result. Most modern engines may develop a high-revolution knock when tuned by an amateur mechanic. The problem with high-revolution knock is that it is hard to hear and if not detected on the dynamometer, it may go unnoticed and damage the engine.

Tuning Your Isuzu KB360 with a Unichip

A Unichip constantly tunes your car while you are driving and adjusts the settings to suit the circumstances. The Unichip also has a map select option with five pre-loaded maps which the driver can choose for the prevailing conditions. Of course, it is important to remember that more power means less fuel economy.

To achieve better fuel economy, you need to slow down drive moderately and the light throttle mapping will do the rest. When done correctly, you may be delighted with the result on your Isuzu KB360.

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