Is That The Best They Could Do?

Nov 11, 2019 | Articles

Is that the best they can do?

You can often hear car enthusiasts bemoaning the fact that their cars do not have more power and better performance. You would hear them ask: “Is that the best they can do?” They are displeased because manufacturers cannot develop an engine that can rule supreme in the zero to 100 km/h race. Yes, it is illegal to race on public roads. Notwithstanding that, many people still wish for a little more power. People mainly assume that manufacturers do their level best to extract every inch of power from that engine. They think that you cannot extract a single extra kilowatt of power.

They can do so much more.

People can sometimes be very wrong in their convictions. It is inaccurate to think that you cannot extract extra power. All the large manufacturers today have the means, resources, and expertise to build a 1600 engine that develops 300 kW. Why then do they not do that? Such an engine will not last you as long as a normal engine. The 300 000 km that you will get from a modern engine in normal use, may escape you. Not only that, but it would also not offer a traffic-friendly torque curve. Fuel consumption would likely be horrendous. In addition, tailpipe emissions would exceed the limits of legislation. So, they CAN extract more power from the engine, but they don’t.

Power priority difference

Does a bakkie engine mainly produce less power than a car engine of similar size? Why is that? It is not because the manufacturer drops the ball, they just have different priorities for commercial vehicle engines. In a commercial vehicle, which often requires to shoulder a heavy load, bottom-end torque delivery is the most important consideration. In these vehicles, you find short, closely stacked lower gears. These gears get a heavily laden bakkie going without an inordinate amount of engine revving and clutch slipping. In a light city hatchback, economy and easy-driving mid-range torque are the most important considerations and not ultimate power. The manufacturer is happy to sacrifice a few kilowatts in order to tune the engine to sip petrol. This is especially true considering today’s price of fuel and the cash-strapped profile of an economy-car buyer.

It stands to reason that we can extract extra power from most normal engines with some thoughtful ECU optimisation. That is what the Unichip sets out to do. It safely liberates your engine’s full potential. Let a Unichip professional fit and program your Unichip for you. Be assured that you will get the best power it can deliver without having to modify it. You will not even have to sacrifice your part-throttle fuel consumption. Do not miss out. Contact us and become part of the Unichip family.



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