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Sep 29, 2023 | Unichip Advantages

Unveiling the Power of Unichip and Vehicle Optimization

Many years ago giving your vehicle a power increase was a necessary step, it was normal, 30 years later most drivers are unaware that this is still possible and necessary.

The Evolution of Tuning: From Past to Present

The word “tune” comes from the word “tone” which is how something sounds. When a song is in tune it means all the notes are correct and working together correctly. If a piano is in tune it means all the different notes are adjusted correctly and working together properly. If you tune a piano it doesn’t mean you cut the legs shorter and fit longer strings! You simply adjust everything to work together as good as it can.

Tuning a vehicle is not fitting wings, different camshafts, turbo’s or exhausts upgrades. Tuning is simply adjusting the three things an engine works with to be at the best possible combinations for all conditions. “fuel, ignition and compressed air”

Unichip: Your Key to Engine Optimization

This is where the Unichip plays a pivotal role, to optimally tune your vehicle’s engine. When the Unichip is connected to your vehicle a skilled tuner will optimally tune your vehicle with the Unichip on a dynamometer whilst monitoring temperatures, emissions and power, to get your vehicle to be as light as possible on fuel when you drive calmly and to make as much safe power as possible when your foot is flat on the accelerator.

First question that comes to mind is: Did the factory not optimally tune my vehicle when it was built: Just like the piano example your vehicle was built in a factory, in a mass production environment, where time does not allow for each vehicle to be optimally tuned and given a power increase.

The second issue is that the factory needs to develop a map for the vehicle with the best and worst possible fuel qualities and prevailing conditions in mind from the warmest countries with the worst fuel to the cold countries with super clean fuels, this limits what they can set the engine for.
Is the Unichip tuner smarter than the manufacturer and all their engineers? Not at all, but your Unichip tuner has more local info, he knows what the fuel quality and prevailing conditions are. With this data and the Unichip’s ability to fine tune the vehicles signals the tuner can optimise the engines performance.

Optimised safe power from a properly tuned engine thanks to Unichip!

The third item is the one most drivers will forget, wear and tear on your engine will change how the engine will perform, pumps, injectors and the engine itself will over time be on need of tuning. Just a note, some tuning companies will load a generic map to your vehicle that could have a good effect on a new vehicle, but with age and wear the need for real-time tuning becomes a necessity.

With more than 30 years of tuning experience we’ve heard all the promises made by “tuning companies” and “tuning specialist”, some are very good and honest, some reckless and some quite horrifying.

Unichip’s Role in Enhancing Your Engine’s Potential

Let’s talk about a turbo diesel, adding more fuel into the engine will improve the power but with that comes extra temperatures that can cause n small Chernobyl (read: meltdown) in your engine. Adding more fuel but no boost or more fuel but too late will also cause some failure at a point.
Adding too much boost will also help you go Viral on YouTube if you can capture the moment!

So what are we on about? We care about your engine and have done so for more than 30 years, over-tuning or stretching the rules of engine power increase will cause failure over time. To optimally tune your engine the vehicle needs to be tuned on a dynamometer to measure and monitor the power output whilst monitoring emissions and temperatures.

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Unichip: Elevating Your Driving Experience

The original Unichip was developed in the early 90’s after Pieter de Weerdt a world renowned tuner got the first electronically controlled vehicles on his dynamometer to optimally tune. The Unichip was developed out of necessity, his passion to optimally tune vehicle’s needed a solution the moment the carburettor and distributor was replaced by the ECU. The Unichip was born, 30 years later the latest version-Q and version-X Unichip’s are capable of tuning a modern day vehicle and do so much more, like multi map systems and even vehicle limiting. Click here for more info on the Unichip.



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