Fuel Saving Devices – Don’t Be Deceived

Nov 11, 2019 | Articles, Fuel Saving Devices – Don’t Be Deceived

Fuel Saving Devices – Don’t Be Deceived.

Fuel-saving devices, advertisements of better fuel economy, hints upon hints and suggestions upon suggestions! Don’t sit with your hands in your hair, in despair, about what works and what does not work. So, you saw an advertisement or read an article about a device claiming to improve your fuel consumption by 20%. True, we read many things nowadays, but remember, the internet is riddled with fake news. Read more about fake news here. Not everything we read or hear is necessarily the truth. When it comes to fuel-saving devices, even the fuel expert has the following to say. Fuel-saving devices? These devices do not work!

Outrageous claims

A claim of a fuel-saving device that can cut 20% on fuel consumption, is most likely a hoax. Did you hear about the fuel-saving device in the form of a magnet? Just clamp it to your car’s fuel line… What about all the additives that you can add to the fuel? Thanks to these fuel-saving devices, we can drive to Cairo and back on a cup of fuel – yeah right! In the movies maybe, but hey, we are here in the real world, so snap out of it. Whenever you hear about a claim regarding a fuel-saving device, and it sounds preposterous, then it most likely is. Ask yourself, have these devices and additives been independently tested and approved by well-known standards organisations? You have access to an enormous amount of information, so do some research. Don’t be duped into false claims about fuel-saving devices.

Testing the claims

We have seen many fuel-saving devices and we have tested several of them exhaustively. When we do these tests, we do it without any agendas. The figures emerging from the dynamometer and exhaust gas analyser do not lie; the results speak for themselves. We have never found any difference in fuel economy with these fuel-saving devices. You may ask, but what about the people’s testimonies that mostly accompany these claims as advertised. Are they lying about the spectacular results they experience? Probably not, but it boils down to confirmation bias. Let us explain what confirmation bias truly is.

When someone strongly believes something, they interpret new information they get to confirm or justify what they already believe. This is confirmation bias. Contradictory information is explained away and dismissed, and affirmative information is taken as reinforcement that they were right. In this way, people will seek to make what they believe happens, whether it is true or not. They cannot bear the thought that they were wrong. Such a thought will lead to cognitive dissonance, that feeling of extreme unease when their established beliefs are challenged.

Similarly, someone will believe that their car will be lighter on fuel after fitting the spectacular fuel-saving device. Their mind wants it to be true, so they simply make it happen. They drive with a lighter foot, they see a fuel-saving, and this releases the feel-good hormones. Voilà, you proved that the device “works”. In the meantime, you subconsciously altered your driving style, which resulted in better fuel economy.

No placebo effect here

A Unichip is not a placebo or a wonder device. It is also not a fuel-saving device. The Unichip merely optimises your engine settings, and any improvement you get is real and measurable. We do not make unsubstantiated and preposterous claims. The fact that it does not modify your car in any way, makes it completely risk-free. It may be a surprise to you, but with the Unichip, there is almost always some room for vehicle improvement. Practice responsible car care. Become part of the Unichip family and buy your Unichip today. Click here to contact us.



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