When It Comes To Car Tuning, Unichip Knows That “Everything Works As A Unity”

Nov 11, 2019 | Articles, When It Comes To Car Tuning, Unichip Knows That “Everything Works As A Unity”

Unichip car tuning knows that “Everything Works as a Unity”.

Car tuning does not happen in exclusion, it affects a system. Within any system, there is not a single redundant part or component. Every part and every component serves a specific purpose. At Unichip, we understand this concept perfectly well. This is especially true when it comes to car tuning. We apply this principle throughout the design process of our revolutionary Unichip tuning device. The Unichip tuning device tune and optimise certain parts and components within the greater system of the combustion engine. Doing so ensures that the entire system functions better.

Before we continue to talk about car tuning, let us first clarify the use of the word “tuning”.

There is a lot of misconception when we talk about vehicle tuning nowadays. This misconception is especially common in the case of Unichip tuning. When many people hear the word “tuning”, a certain image springs to mind. This image is usually of a vehicle with racing tyres, a stiff suspension, short shifter, small steering wheel and a racing camshaft. You may add to this a roaring engine that competes with a blaring audio system. We hope you get the picture. The point we want to clarify comes to us in the form of a question. If this is the image of the concept “tune”, then what mental image should the term “tune” bring to mind? Let us, by way of a few examples, restore the true meaning of “tune”. Think about the following.

Is there not balance when everything is “in tune” in terms of car tuning?

When your television or radio set makes static noise, do you not tune it to restore optimal functionality? When a musical instrument is false, what do we do? We tune it, we restore its pitch. We restore it to the point where it functions the way it should function. That is the purpose of tuning.

That is what we at Unichip do. We embrace the true meaning of tuning. We execute that meaning in the way we design our Unichip.

Everything works as a unit when it comes to the combustion engine. Unichip knows that whenever we alter one component, it will affect other components within this system.

Think about the immense deal of strain that modifying place on essential components in an engine.

Here we refer to the old sense of vehicle tuning when a component had to endure a lot of strain. This excessive strain will spread throughout the entire combustion system. When this happens, it will wear out other components sooner than usual and eventually lead to dramatic failure of the entire system. Such a vehicle usually have a much shorter lifespan than one left in its original state. This is not the case with a vehicle that receives its tuning in the Unichip sense of the word.

We do Car Tuning the right way.

At Unichip, we don’t modify or soup up your vehicle. At Unichip, we tune it and in the process, we optimise certain components in a delicate manner. This is what we do when we tune your car. Unichip taps into the standard engine control unit (ECU) settings with which your vehicle left the factory. We then, safely, without pushing any component past its point of endurance, tune one or more component to its maximum yet safe limit. We do this in such a manner that other components in the system will compensate for the component that we optimise. This will ensure an equilibrium. The Unichip tuning, it can be said, truly brings about a sense of components “being in tune” with each other – no pun intended…

The Unichip, in its tuning and optimising capacity, can reach much further as you may think.

In the right hands, a technician can tune various aspects of your vehicle’s power and economy. You will sense these optimisations immediately, and you don’t even have to break the bank to do it. You also do not need to replace any existing components with racing components. Yes, no modification to your engine’s hardware at all. With our world-class Unichip, you gain a lot without having to compromise on reliability. You will also not be stuck with the annoyances that usually go along with a modified engine, such as rough idling, poor efficiency, and excessive heat.

Consider the boy racer speeding past you in a trail of expensive tyre smoke, violating every conceivable municipal noise-law known to civilisation.

Now, spare a thought for his poor souped-up engine, and how long that engine is likely to put up with the abuse of squeezing every last ounce of horsepower out of it. Be smart, tune and optimise, don’t soup up and modify. Be part of the Unichip family and enjoy the benefits without any drawbacks. What’s more, you can remove your Unichip and fit it to your next vehicle if you so wish.

Have your vehicle chipped for optimal tuning performance!

Contact us by clicking here. UNICHIP – We care about vehicle tuning and optimisation. We know that everything is interconnected. We are also willing to put a 100% money back guarantee behind our product if you are not satisfied after the first three months of installation.

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