Everything Works in Harmony

Jan 15, 2020 | Articles

Everything works in Harmony

Tuning a vehicle is not fitting white speedometer dials, wings, skirts or even different camshafts or exhausts! Tuning is simply adjusting the three things an engine works with to be at the best possible combinations for all conditions.

Unfortunately, the true meaning of the word has been confused in the past few years with events like the SEMA Tuning show and our favourite TV persona Chip Foose, we at Unichip are avid viewers of Overhaulin where they rush around to get done with their latest and greatest project so that they will be in time for the SEMA Tuning show. There is only one key item missing in the mix of emotions and camera’s:  there is no dynamometer and no measurement equipment around to optimally tune the engines in those newly rebuild beauties.

Any ordinary internal combustion engine works with three things only. For it to run properly it needs fuelignition and compressed air. It needs nothing else! Any problem that you will ever have with tuning an engine will be one of these three things that isn’t there, isn’t the right amount, isn’t there at the right time, isn’t mixed well enough or is mixed with something else (like water.) If these three things are there in the right amount at the right time, properly mixed and undiluted (not mixed with something else) it will create a proper power stroke.

This is where the Unichip plays a pivotal role, to optimally tune your vehicle’s engine. When the Unichip is connected to your vehicle (wired in, Plug & Play or Easy Connect harness) a skilled tuner will optimally tune your vehicle with the Unichip on a dynamometer whilst monitoring temperatures, emissions and power, to get your vehicle to be as light as possible on fuel when you drive calmly and to make as much safe power as possible when your foot is flat on the accelerator.

So the first question that comes to mind is: Why did the factory not optimally tune my vehicle when it was built. Just like the piano example, your vehicle was built in a factory, mostly in a mass production environment, where time does not allow for each individual vehicle to be optimally tuned.

The second issue is that the manufacturer needs to develop a map for the vehicle with the best and worst possible fuel qualities and prevailing conditions in mind from the warmest countries with the worst fuel to the cooler countries with super clean fuels, this limits what they can set the engine for.

So, is the Unichip tuner smarter than the manufacturer and all their engineers? Not at all, but your Unichip tuner has more info, he knows what fuel quality you have in your country, he knows what the prevailing conditions are. With this data and the Unichip’s ability to fine-tune the vehicle’s signals, the Unichip tuner can optimise the engine’s performance.

Optimised safe power from a properly tuned engine.




Our skilled Unichip professionals have been chip-tuning for more than three decades.

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