Advancement Of Electronics

Nov 11, 2019 | Advancement Of Electronics, Articles

The Advancement of Electronics.

Think back to the days before the advancement of electronics. From the day that we saw electronics starting to appear in cars, many had much to say about this. A lot of criticism and objection came from the side of traditionalists. They were quick to dismiss the technology as a temporary craze while moaning about its complexity. Can we pinpoint some of the advancements of electronics in this regard? We can, for example when “points” made way for electronic ignition. Equally important was when carburettors cleared the path for fuel injection and distributors for coil-on-plug direct-ignition systems.

What is interesting, is that the advancement of electronics proved to be reliable virtually from day one. Furthermore, the failure of electronic components is still the exception and not the rule. The reason for this might be because automotive electronic circuit boards are perhaps the most robust of any industry. You see, they have to work reliably for decades, despite the never-ending threats of moisture, dust, and vibration. These threats are part of the life of a car in the real world. A car that finds itself on various roads while travelling around, year in and year out.

Electronics rule

Today, electronics control every single mechanical device in your car’s engine bay. An article written recently by wheels24, mentions that smart factories upping automation and digitization to reduce defects and increasing outputs. Read more about it here if you wish. Answer yourself honestly. Do you think that the old mechanical systems could have given us what electronics can nowadays? Think about the combination of performance, economy, and low emissions that is possible with modern electronic controls.

For this reason, the way we optimise cars also had to change in the face of the advancement of electronics. You don’t have to replace the carburettor or fit other spark plugs. You can nowadays achieve a meaningful improvement in power and economy without replacing components. Simply fit a piggyback computer to your car’s engine control unit (ECU). The Unichip piggyback will optimise the ECU’s ignition timing, variable valve timing, and fuelling regimes, to mention but a few.

Unichip – not only for racing

Unichip’s piggyback computer is legendary when it comes to its success in motor racing. It has the ability to extract every last ounce of performance from racing engines. However, Unichip is more than just racing. When it comes to our customers’ road cars, our policy is clear. We will continue to offer them the best blend of performance, economy, and reliability. What is the point of roaring down the road in a show of revs, tyre smoke, and turbo boost? How long do you think your car’s engine is going to last? As with everything in life, there are trade-offs when you modify your car, which is why we believe in optimisation. If everything works together perfectly, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy better performance without sacrificing your fuel economy.

The ultimate advancement of electronics

Standardised ECU programming provides a satisfactory compromise for all the varying engines coming off a production line. Because of this, the Unichip can further optimise – almost without exception – every ECU. It will finally unlock the performance and economy your specific engine is capable of, without any compromise in reliability. This is what the advancement of electronics can do, this is what Unichip does. When you remove it, your car is totally standard again. Besides that, you can then use it in your next car. Talk to us about fitting a Unichip today. Practice responsible car care. Become part of the Unichip family and buy your Unichip today. Click here to contact us.



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