Celebrating 30 Years of Unmatched Optimization Innovation

Sep 8, 2023 | Uncategorised

DASTEK-Unichip: Pioneers in Vehicle Optimization

Join us in celebrating over three decades of excellence in vehicle tuning technology. Since the early 90s, DASTEK-Unichip has proudly originated from South Africa, setting the benchmark in the industry.

From Tuning to Security, Unichip’s Evolution

Beyond its role as the preferred tool for professional tuners, Unichip has evolved into a formidable fleet protection and anti-theft solution.


Unichip: A Legacy of Advancement

Unichip, the pioneer piggyback computer, boasts a 30-year legacy of continuous development. We began with normally aspirated petrol engines, a feat few can match even today.


Turbocharged Power, Perfected by Unichip

In the realm of modern turbo petrol and diesel engines, one component stands out for power enhancement and vehicle tuning. Unichip’s full programmability and real-time adjustments during engine operation make it unrivaled. Unlike many other chips, Unichip fine-tunes various signals for optimal engine performance, from boost to fuel ratios.


Debunking Flashing Myths

While software mapping is often marketed as the new norm, it’s not a recent invention. Yet, it lacks the real-time adaptability of Unichip’s live-tuning on a dynamometer. Generic maps, designed for diverse conditions, can’t replace the precision of Unichip’s vehicle tuning tailored to specific vehicles and environments.


True Tuning Expertise

A tuner is more than a map loader or chip fitter. A genuine tuner, skilled in the art of optimization, uses tools like Unichip to finely adjust settings while considering real-world conditions and fuel quality.


Unveiling the Live Tuning Process

Live tuning on a dynamometer is a comprehensive process, not just measuring power. Unichip’s tuning involves before and after runs, adjusting parameters while monitoring multiple factors to achieve optimal performance across the RPM and load range.


Leading the Way in Tuning Solutions

Our dedication to innovation continues with upcoming tuning solutions for vehicles like the new 300 Series Toyota Land Cruisers, Navara Pro-4X, Isuzu 1.9 and 3.0 (including MU-X), latest Jimny, and new Swift 1.4T models.



Explore Unichip and Fleet Protection

For detailed information about Unichip, visit www.unichip.com or discover our fleet protection counterpart at www.dastekivm.co.za

Have questions or need more information? Reach out to our team at info@dastek.co.za



Our skilled Unichip professionals have been chip-tuning for more than three decades.

We are here to answer any questions you might have regarding the first and original vehicle tuning device in the world: The Unichip.


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