Your Car Is Not Going On Holiday

Nov 11, 2019 | Articles, Your Car Is Not Going On Holiday

Pre-Holiday Car Care.

Are you and your family gearing up for the holidays? Are you going to the coast or camping in the bush? Either way, you will probably be driving there by car, and possibly be towing a trailer, caravan or boat. Holiday Season is usually synonymous with covering long distances on far-flung roads. When you embark on your holiday journey, you give the first step on your well-deserved holiday. Your holiday journey is however not a walk in the park for your car. Pre-holiday car care is important precisely because there is no holiday for your car. The annual holiday trip is the time of year when your car works harder than any other time. Because it will be working harder, you should prepare it properly for its journey. Let us share some proper pre-holiday preparation tips with you.

Your pre-holiday car preparation tips

Always make sure that your car’s service schedule is up to date. If you are likely to cover more kilometres than is left until the next service, rather have it serviced beforehand. If your car is on the older side, you should not only be focusing on the servicing part of car maintenance. Often, with the ageing of a car, other things start to go wrong. It’s a good idea to let a competent mechanic give it a thorough once-over and check all the important systems. One of the most important systems is the cooling system. It goes without saying that you should always fill the cooling system with the correct blend of water and antifreeze. The antifreeze, apart from preventing freezing, serves to combat corrosion and it increases the boiling point of the water. Check the entire cooling system for leaks. If you stumble upon a leak, fix it immediately, even if it is the tiniest dribble. A small leak can be the tell-tale sign of bigger trouble, so don’t ignore it! Replace water -pipes that are old and shows signs of swelling. Check the thermostat and if you deem it necessary, have a professional flush the radiator. Finally, make sure that the cooling fan works. The driveline and suspension are the next systems to pay attention to. Make sure that all CV joint boots are secure, and if there are cracks in the rubber, replace the boots. Your tyre alignment and balancing should be spot-on to eliminate uneven tyre wear and vibrations. Your shock absorbers should be in good condition. Any wobble and bounce of worn shock absorbers can cause very dangerous handling conditions. Apart from these pointers, you should also run through a checklist to ensure your car is ready for its tiresome journey.

Your pre-holiday car care checklist

Make sure your car does not let you down as you head off on holiday. Conduct the following quick and simple checks before leaving.   Is your car’s licence up to date? Check that all the lights are working – headlamps, indicators, brake lights. Make sure that the brakes and handbrake function properly. Check the oil, water and every other liquid level. Make sure that your windscreen wipers are in good working order. Check your vehicle’s tyres (spare too) and ensure they have sufficient tread depth. Make sure that the jack and wheel spanner is where it should be. Check the windows and mirrors of your car. Make sure there is no damage. Make sure you have a basic toolbox in case of emergency maintenance. The holiday is all about going somewhere far away, and this usually involves towing. Make sure that you are getting the best possible performance and economy from your engine. Fit a Unichip. The Unichip remains the safest way to optimise your engine without having to run the risk of modifying it. With the click of a button, the Unichip will put your car in economy mode. In this mode, especially on the long road, your fuel consumption will improve considerably. If you tow something or want to do some 4×4 driving, then you need to simply click a button. The Unichip will safely optimise your vehicle for that driving condition. You also have the option of full power at safe engine condition and even an anti-theft mode. It may be a surprise to you, but with the Unichip, there is almost always some room for vehicle improvement. Practice responsible car care. Become part of the Unichip family and buy your Unichip today. Safe driving and Happy Holidays!



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