What Dastek can offer to improve 4×4 vehicle performance

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Dastek, the home of the Unichip, optimally tunes to improve 4×4 vehicle performance.

A skilled tuner can optimally tune a vehicle’s engine using the Unichip, a fully programmable piggyback computer that has been optimizing vehicle performance for 30 years. It is the world’s first and original piggyback computer, accomplishing what most chip/tuning companies cannot for normally aspirated petrol engines.


While many people familiar with cars and passionate about them have a general understanding of tuning, they often confuse it with modifications. The term “tune” derives from “tone,” which refers to how something sounds. Similar to adjusting the different notes of a song or a piano, tuning a vehicle involves optimizing the three elements within the engine to work together as efficiently as possible.

It doesn’t involve adding cosmetic enhancements like white speedometer dials, wings, skirts, or different camshafts or exhausts. It simply entails adjusting everything to work together as well as possible. Instead, it simply entails adjusting the three elements with which an engine operates to achieve the best possible combinations for all conditions.


Dastek and its network of trained dealers over South Africa offer optimized tuning for 4×4 enthusiasts.

A skilled tuner will optimize your vehicle’s performance with the Unichip. This is done by connecting it using various methods such as wired-in, Plug & Play, or with an EasyConnect harness. They will then tune your vehicle on a dynamometer while monitoring temperatures, emissions, and power. The goal is to improve your 4×4 vehicle’s performance by making it fuel-efficient when driven calmly. Also, maximizing safe power when the accelerator is fully pressed.

The question that arises is: Why wasn’t my vehicle optimally tuned by the factory during its initial construction?

Similar to the piano example, your vehicle is manufactured in a factory. Often in a mass production setting where time constraints prevent each individual vehicle from being optimally tuned. You can learn more about how not all engines are created equally here.

Secondly, another issue is that manufacturers must develop an engine map for the vehicle considering a range of fuel qualities and prevailing conditions, from warm countries with poor-quality fuel to cooler countries with extremely clean fuel. This limitation affects what they can set the engine for.

No, the Unichip tuner is not necessarily smarter than the manufacturer and their engineers. However, the Unichip tuner possesses additional information that allows for better optimization. They are aware of the specific fuel quality available in your country and the prevailing conditions that your vehicle operates in. With this valuable data and the Unichip’s capability to finely adjust the vehicle’s signals, the Unichip tuner can optimize the engine’s performance.

The result is the attainment of optimized safe power from a properly tuned engine, made possible by the Unichip.


The team at Unichip has introduced multi-map systems, adding an element of fun to the tuning experience. These systems allow for up to 5 tuned maps for a vehicle. Map one is an idle-only or valet map, map two consists of standard settings to experience the vehicle’s performance without the optimal tune. Map three is an Eco or gear control map for automatic transmissions. Map four is designed for power or towing, and map five is Power+ for an enhanced performance experience. Additionally, the Unichip offers other features such as timer functions, temperature functions, and CAN Bus monitoring, all of which contribute to an enjoyable experience while prioritizing engine safety

Tuning your vehicle with the Unichip typically provides the best value for your money.

On average, turbo diesel SUVs or “bakkies” can safely achieve a power increase of 10-15% with the Unichip. While investing in modifications like exhaust systems and intercoolers can yield additional gains, the Unichip can be reprogrammed to accommodate these changes.

Recognizing the capabilities of the Unichip, the team also developed the Dastek IVM to safeguard fleet vehicles. This device utilizes the aforementioned functions to monitor temperatures, speed, RPM, and even safety belts. It enables features such as speed limiting and driver authorization, among many others, to protect your fleet. By collaborating with our GPS partner, GeoInt, we can even restrict the speed of your fleet vehicles based on specific speed zones they are traveling in real-time.


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Our skilled Unichip professionals have been chip-tuning for more than three decades.

We are here to answer any questions you might have regarding the first and original vehicle tuning device in the world: The Unichip.


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