Can Vehicle Chip Tuning Achieve Balance?

Nov 11, 2019 | Articles, Can Vehicle Chip Tuning Achieve Balance?

Can vehicle chip tuning ever achieve complete balance?

Vehicle chip tuning nowadays is not as it was in the olden days. In the olden days, it was different. Vehicle tuning and modifying meant we had to ready ourselves to sacrifice some aspect in the process. The following examples may bring this point over in a more practical way. You decide to strengthen your vehicle’s suspension to improve handling and road-holding, but now you are paying the price in ride comfort. You modify your engine to improve horsepower and torque in order to gain better performance, but now you suffer when it comes to fuel economy.

Everything works in Unity

Your entire vehicle is a working system and we understand the idea that “Everything works as a unity”. The mere fact that everything works in unity directly impacts on the combustion system. You see, when you modifying one component, it will have an impact on other components. If you neglect (or are unable to modify) any other component that directly depends on the component being modified, then you may be in for some surprise. The point is, when you modify your vehicle’s engine, you will sacrifice one thing in order to gain something else. This is the primary reason why we at Unichip don’t modify engines. At Unichip, we tune and optimise them.

The question remains, can we maintain a sense of balance when it comes to vehicle chip tuning, or will there always be a sacrifice of the one in favour of the other? To answer this, we need to keep in mind that manufacturers have budgets when developing their engines. We also need to remember that engine development is done in bulk. The reality of mass production means that manufacturers do not manufacture two engines with identical tolerances – it would simply cost too much. All engines differ slightly and the engineers who write the programming and develop the control maps for the engine control units (ECUs), must allow for these small differences.

Just a standard vehicle

The result is a one-size-fits-all set of ECU maps that works well on all engines but only perfectly well on a few. When the vehicle leaves the assembly line and eventually ends up in the showroom, the vehicle is a very standard one. As soon as a non-professional tuner lay his/her hands on your vehicle’s engine in order to modify it for more horsepower and torque, you may be sure of it that there will be some sort of sacrifice in the process. Any invasive hardware changes that such tuners make to the entire system (combustion, exhaust, etc.) is rarely perfect. We may now wonder, can we attain perfection or will it always elude us? What do we need to do in order to bring about perfect balance in an engine that will provide the necessary horsepower and torque gains, as well as sufficient economy?

Vehicle Chip Tuning Perfection – Elusive or not?

When it comes to vehicle chip tuning, perfection doesn’t have to elude you. If you need to attain balance, you simply have to allow Unichip to enter the scene. Let Unichip tune your vehicle with their revolutionary vehicle chip tuning device. The Unichip redress any imbalance and restore your engine to its optimal performance and economy. That is what “tune” means, to restore balance. Think about it, when something is out of tune, it is out of balance. We tune a false instrument in order to restore its pitch. In a similar fashion, the Unichip subtly optimise the ECU map to work in harmony with your vehicle’s engine. Our way of vehicle chip tuning, therefore, maintain balance.

Horsepower and Economy Gains

When Unichip tune your vehicle, you are likely to see an improvement in horsepower gains as well as economy gains. It is easy to adapt the ECU settings to add a lot of extra boost pressure to a turbocharged engine. That will, unfortunately, reduce your vehicle’s engine life. With our vehicle chip tuning, we offer you the best balance between the two sides. The Unichip will maintain the normal engine temperatures and ensure that there is no sacrifice of reliability. With a world-class Unichip, you stand to get the best possible economy and the maximum reliable power. The Unichip can indeed attain the balance between components in a system where everything is connected. Our vehicle chip tuning device will ensure that one component will not suffer for the sake of another component.

If you are not entirely happy within three months of using the Unichip, we will gladly refund you. You will, however, be happy to learn that very few people take us up on this offer. Contact us by clicking here and let Unichip chip your vehicle. UNICHIP – where we care about vehicle chip tuning and optimisation.



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