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Intelligent Vehicle Enhancement

Intelligent Vehicle Enhancement Improves Efficiency

Ill-considered modifications to vehicles can compromise their reliability and ruin their fuel consumption in the quest for more power.  Intelligent vehicle enhancements aim for a better compromise, optimising the engine to improve its efficiency, thereby improving both power and fuel consumption.  Some of the intelligent piggyback computer systems available today aim to achieve those advantages.

Of course, many people prioritise power over economy and would prefer a system that would enable them to extract the extra power without a fuel consumption penalty.  Of course, this is seldom possible, since you need extra fuel for extra power – the adage goes “if you want a bigger fire, you need more petrol”.  However, in some cases, standard engine can be rather inefficient and the result of a power gain may see such an efficiency improvement that fuel consumption improves too.  However, this is becoming less common on modern engines.  Still, intelligent vehicle enhancement can improve these engines’ power too, without effecting fuel consumption greatly.

In fact, most people would be happy to sacrifice a little fuel when there is a noticeable power gain to be had from their engines.  However, they would prefer that the fuel consumption remain good when all the power is not being used and when they are just cruising along normally.  This is what makes the latest piggyback computer systems different – they optimise performance when you floor the accelerator, but they optimise fuel economy when you don’t.

The Unichip is a prime example and has become one of the most used and trusted intelligent vehicle enhancement systems available today.  To see how you can optimise both your engine’s power output and economy, contact us today.

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