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VTEC Driver

Get The Most Out Of Your Honda With A VTEC Driver

In the '90s, VTEC burst onto the Honda scene locally and started an entire cult following.  Of course, VTEC (loosely) stands for Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control and it was the name given by Honda to its proprietary variable valve timing and lift system.  It had been available overseas for some years, but now South Africans finally had access to the technology too.  At Unichip, we were not left behind and some useful power and economy improvements have been noted on Unichip-equipped VTEC Hondas.  We use the Unichip in conjunction with our VTEC driver.

What is a Unichip and what is a VTEC driver?  Unichip is what we call our piggyback computer chip that we install non-invasively under your Honda's bonnet.  It does not replace your engine's electronic control unit (ECU) but rather manipulates its signals to achieve better power and economy.  Honda's engines run under strict electronic control and by applying more aggressive performance maps, power is improved at full throttle.  The milder maps, however, can be set to yield optimal economy for part-throttle running.

On VTEC engines though, the VTEC driver is also necessary to make the most of the combination of Unichip and VTEC mechanism.  VTEC does not only rotate the camshaft like most other variable valve timing systems; it also moves it to engage another, high-lift performance cam profile for high revolutions.  The VTEC driver controls the VTEC system and matches the transition phase from one cam profile to the other perfectly, making the most of the engine's ability to utilise very high revolutions, and gaining the maximum advantage the Unichip can yield on these excellent engines.

With the Unichip and the VTEC driver, you too can get the best out of your Honda's VTEC engine.  For more information, please contact us today.

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