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vehicle fine-tune

Vehicle Fine-Tune

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A vehicle fine-tune can markedly improve your car’s performance and economy.  You may argue that the manufacturer fine-tunes your vehicle’s engine when it leaves the factory, but this patently is not true, nor is it practical.  It would be very expensive and time-consuming for a manufacturer to fine-tune every single engine that leaves the factory.  Therefore, they write engine control unit software that is suitable for a wide cross section of average engines and this is what your vehicle gets too.

This means that your engine computer’s settings are approximate at best and you can gain markedly in terms of power or economy (or even both) if these settings can be tailored and fine-tuned for your particular engine.  A piggyback chip added to your vehicle’s existing ECU is like a super vehicle fine-tune that fine-tunes the computer signals to the benefit of power and economy.  What is more, it is non-invasive and you can remove it later and use it in most other cars if you buy another vehicle.

There are five maps that can all be programmed individually, giving you the maximum power and response at full throttle, while maintaining excellent economy at part throttle and open road cruising.  A competently programmed chip will offer you the best possible power when you need it and the lightest fuel consumption possible when you do not.  What is more, other maps can limit revs for when you leave the car with a dealership for a service and speed limits can even be imposed by activating other maps – in places like mines.

These are all the advantages that the piggyback Unichip can offer you.  It is a vehicle fine-tune tool that transforms your car into the finely tuned instrument that it always had the potential to be.  For more information on Unichip and our other products, contact us today.

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