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Audi Engine Tuning

Audi Engine Tuning To Improve The Overall Handling Of Your Car

All types of makes and models can benefit from Audi engine tuning, but the Quattro, Turbo diesel and turbo charged versions of this car manufacture are probably the best candidates for Audi engine tuning. Audi is already well known for producing cars with great performance and handling and with a few tweaks you can take your car to the next level. Different types of upgrades and modifications are suitable to the different makes and models of Audi vehicles. You need to ensure that the types of modifications you have in mind are suitable for your make of Audi so that it will add to the performance and not end up detracting.

For example, remapping your Turbo diesel engine with Audi fine tuning can result in an increase of power of up to 30%. Audi fine tuning engine modifications in all makes of the car will increase the top speed of your engine. A turbo charger kit is also suitable for all makes of Audi and you can choose between a manual or remote operated turbo charger. An Audi engine tuning car suspension kit is ideal for improving the handling of your car. A lowered suspension will allow the car to stick to the road better improving cornering at higher speeds.

There are also a number of Audi engine tuning modifications that can improve the fuel consumption of your car. These types of Audi engine tuning modifications can be used in both the diesel and petrol versions of the Audi and include high performance exhaust systems, better ratio gear boxes and transmissions as well as better grade wheels and tyres. You should also look at improving the braking system in your Audi once you have improved the speed and handling capabilities of the car.

For a more in depth look at Audi engine tuning and the difference that it and other modifications can make to the performance of your car, please contact us.

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