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vehicle fine-tune

Honda Tuning

Intelligent Vehicle Enhancement Improves Efficiency

At most aftermarket tuners, Honda tuning, like the tuning of other brands’ engines, favour performance.  Car enthusiasts are a rather single-minded lot and they are usually interested in the ways in which their vehicles’ power and performance can be improved.  Especially in the case of Honda, which is the world’s most prolific engine maker and has built a reputation over many years of being the enthusiast’s choice.

Honda tuning is alive and well, and the company has responded to their fans’ enthusiasm by introducing technologies such as VTEC, which is Honda’s proprietary variable valve timing system.  This system employs two different cam profiles for each valve, allowing the manufacturer to optimally tune the engine for both low- and high-rev running.  This is how they had achieved 118kW from a nominal capacity of just 1600cc, over ten years ago.

However, even Honda engines can be optimised and there has been an increased demand for it lately, in view of the fact that the latest VTEC systems have been optimised in favour of economy rather than ultimate performance.  An intelligent chip tuning exercise with a piggyback computer that modifies the ECU settings can bring about a noticeable improvement.  A thoughtfully conceived system will favour power at full throttle and economy at part throttle.

This is exactly what the Unichip achieves.  There are several Unichip solutions and they are intelligent enough to adapt to your needs, giving you maximum power at full throttle and maximum economy at part-throttle.  Honda tuning has a new lease on life with tuning solutions from Unichip that aim to offer the best of both worlds, and the choice of different maps for different usage patterns.  Contact us today.

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