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vehicle fine-tune

Unichip Tuning

Professional Unichip Tuning

For those drivers that want to get the most from their automobiles but do not actually want to fit new parts which may permanently alter the driving characteristics of the automobile, may want to look at Unichip tuning. The fitment of a chip which can be set by a tuning specialist to a variety of settings will change the driving characteristics of the automobile to suit a number of different driving conditions, from the race track on a Saturday morning, to a leisurely drive down to the coast for school holidays.

The modern chips for performance automobiles can be fitted to any motor vehicle that has an on board engine management computer. The chip then acts as a sort of minicomputer which can be used to over ride the factory settings controlled by the factory fitted on board computer. Unichip tuning can fit one of these chips to your high performance motor vehicle or 4x4.

There are a variety of different chips on the market in South Africa, some using older technology and others using technology that is cutting edge. Unichip is one of the latter. Once your car has gone through a course of Unichip tuning through the fitment of one of Unichip’s world class chips for engine performance management your motor vehicle will never be the same again. The newer versions of Unichip’s engine management chips can be set for a number of different driving characteristics which can instantly change your car from a mild mannered executive estate into a fire breathing race track legend.

Unichip tuning through the fitment of a high performance chip can change a number of driving characteristics, such as the rev characteristics of the car to top speed and even the ride characteristics of the automobile. The chip is designed so that the user can select from a number of pre configured settings to suit his or her driving style each day.

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