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Performance Chips

Not All Performance Chips Are Beneficial To Your Engine

Performance chips can do a lot to enhance the power and performance of your car's engine, but do not trust any backyard “professional” for your performance chips.  Performance chips' settings have to be very well thought out or damage may occur to your engine.  Injudicious timing advance may cause pinking and overtly lean mixtures may lead to overheating of a petrol engine.  Over-rich mixtures may cause excessive engine wear and overheating of diesel engines.  Aftermarket chips are not all they are cracked up to be if they are not designed and manufactured by the professionals!

Professional engine tuners' performance chips do not extract maximum performance at the expense of reliability or general aptitude.  These chips' settings optimise fuelling and timing to benefit maximum performance only under full-throttle situations (in fact, modern engines with variable valve and intake manifold adjustment can register sizeable gains).  However, under part-throttle circumstances, the best performance chips can utilise their more conservative mappings to revert to economy-minded running and in some cases, even better economy than standard.

As you can see, performance chips can be overhyped and when they are not properly engineered, they can benefit performance to the detriment of reliability and part-throttle economy.  Ideally, a performance chip should have many different mappings for different circumstances.  A full-throttle map will optimise performance; a part-throttle map may optimise economy – there could be other mappings too, like a dealer map, which limits performance and revs for when you leave your vehicle with a dealer.

Let us supply you with the best piggyback computer chip to make the best of your engine's potential.  You can have optimum performance when putting your foot down, but maintain top economy when cruising.  This is what the best performance chips offer you today.  Should you wish to speak to the experts about performance chips, simply contact us today.

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