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Performance Cars

Help For High Performance Cars

South Africa’s highways are ideal for high speed travelling, however drivers are forced by law to stick to the speed limit of 120 kilometres per hour. If you own a performance motor vehicle this can be frustrating, however owners of premium performance cars have the opportunity to see exactly what their motor vehicles are capable of by joining one of the many car enthusiast or performance enthusiast car clubs that there are in South Africa. If you choose to join one of these clubs you will have access to expertise and tracks that will allow you to explore the potential of your motor vehicle. By taking advantage of the facilities offered by many of these clubs the owners of performance cars can enjoy days out with the whole family and meet likeminded people who enjoy the wholesome fun of driving really fast, but under controlled and above all safe conditions.

Club members will also have access to a brains trust that will be able to give them invaluable information about how to get the best out of their motor vehicles. One of the most popular ways of boosting track performance of any of the many makes of performance cars is to fit an aftermarket engine enhancement chip. Many of these units offer functionality that is far more than the simple name ‘chip’ would suggest. The units are in fact piggyback computers that can enhance the performance of factory fitted ECU units.

The fitment of one of these units can allow the skilled tuner to increase the power output of the bar at high revs, optimise turbo performance and even increase fuel efficiency at normal cruising speeds. Almost any car fitted with a factory ECU can be tweaked to improve some aspect of its performance, however just how radical this improvement will be depends on how optimal the factory settings are when the car is delivered.

For further information on performance cars and how performance can be improved contact us.

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