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Car Performance Tuning

One Step Car Performance Tuning

If you are one of those South Africans who feels the need for speed all the time but doesn’t have the deep pockets that will allow for the purchase of a super car or if you’ve made the decision to purchase a high end automobile but want to get that little bit more vroom for your buck then you’ll want to explore car performance tuning. Using car chips which act as a piggyback unit to your vehicles on board computer car performance tuning can help get the absolute best performance out of your motor vehicle. The fitment of a performance chip can improve various aspects of the cars performance that are governed by the onboard computer, such as idling settings, absolute top speed (the computer chip can override the governing of the top speed) and can even improve fuel economy. In fact many chips are installed during economy runs which judge just how frugal a cars fuel consumption can be.

If you choose to improve the performance of your motor vehicle through car performance tuning you should be aware that not all motor vehicles respond to the installation of a performance chip in the same way. Some motor vehicles show a marked improvement in power output and top speed, while in others fuel economy will improve. It all depends on the factory settings that the motor vehicle rolls off the assembly line with. The fitment of a performance enhancing chip should however provide the skilled performance tuning professional with the opportunity to enhance the performance of any vehicle fitted with an onboard computer.

Prior to fitting a performance enhancing chip you should check with the manufacturer of your motor vehicle as fitting these chips can invalidate your warranty. Some manufacturers allow for the fitment of performance enhancing chips while others will not allow it.

For more information on car performance tuning and which solution would best suit your motor vehicle, contact us.

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