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Performance Parts

Do Not Forget About The Less Conspicuous Car Performance Parts

Ironically, car performance parts do not always enhance performance.  Some doubtful entrants include the ever-present spoiler, which is often a grotesque wing that does nothing but spoil a vehicle's appearance.  Other parts live up to their promise and may comprise special exhaust manifolds, turbochargers and exhaust systems.  However, some parts are far less conspicuous and may offer a bigger advantage than most people realise.

Of course, the performance parts we are talking about are not immediately obvious to the naked eye; they lay under the skin, where the engine's “brain” resides.  Enter the piggyback performance chip and its increasingly important role in the tuning of modern car engines.  No number of man hours spent on a cylinder head will ever realise its true potential if the engine's ECU is not chipped to work in tandem with the changes.  Similarly, a new exhaust system may never reach its true potential if the ECU is bent on maintaining a preset engine power output level.

In fact, some changes like the boost pressure of a turbocharged engine can only be changed by chipping the vehicle, since these components are fully electronically controlled in modern cars.  It stands to reason that if these parameters can be modified by electronic intervention, the sky is the limit as to what can be achieved.  The answer is both yes and no and the reason is that a competent tuning outfit will always strive to combine longevity with optimal performance.

The Unichip is a prime example of how inconspicuous yet effective some performance parts can be.  We offer it with a variety of maps that suit your specific requirements.  A conservative map is used for steady-speed running, optimising economy.  An aggressive map is used for full-throttle running, optimising performance.  Let us optimise your engine's potential today.  Contact us today.

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