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Performance Car

Get The Best Out Of Your Performance Car

Is your performance car delivering its best?  Most likely not, considering it leaves the factory with dead-standard ECU programming that is meant to allow for all the production variances across many engines that are supposedly identical.  To allow for all these variances, a standard program constitutes little more than a happy compromise to ensure that each engine delivers average values in terms of power output.

However, the performance car enthusiast is not interested in average results.  The ideal would be a special ECU program written and mapped for your own car's engine, taking into account all the factors that make that specific engine perform at its peak.  However, you will never get that from a mass manufacturer.  Instead, you have to turn to the experts in aftermarket piggyback computer systems to “chip” your vehicle's engine.  What does chipping entail?

It is a non-invasive computer that is added to your existing ECU; it does not replace your car's engine management system.  This “chip” intercepts signals that come from your engine's ECU and modifies them before they reach the actuators for systems like your ignition timing module, variable valve timing system, variable intake manifold or turbo boost controller.  By manipulating these settings, optimised instruction maps can be compiled that allow your engine to perform at its peak.

Unichip can bring out the true potential of your performance car engine.  The Unichip piggyback computer offers several maps that can each be optimised for a specific purpose.  To this end, you can have a very conservative map for steady-speed running, optimising efficiency and economy.  In similar vein, an aggressive map can be utilised for full-throttle running, ensuring top power delivery and performance.  That is not all; other maps increase boost and revs for track day use and yet another “service” map can severely cripple your car so it cannot be abused when left at a dealership. 

Contact us today to make your booking to bring the best out of your performance car.

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