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High Performance Car Parts

What Constitutes High Performance Car Parts?

The definition of high performance car parts has blurred over the years.  In the years of carburettors, these were usually clearly defined physical parts like performance exhaust manifolds, free-flow exhaust pipes and replacement camshafts.  In the meantime, computers have taken over virtually all the functions of engine control and the ECU (electronic control unit) in the vehicle's engine management system has become a performance part in its own right.

Whereas it is still possible to enhance an engine's power by replacing (or modifying) many of the aforementioned parts with high performance car parts, these efforts often come to naught if the engine ECU is bent on restricting the power output available from the engine.  For example, many ECUs will electronically limit turbo boost pressure, irrespective of the modifications performed on physical parts.  The standard maps used in ECUs may also often not be nearly optimal enough in extracting the best from a modified engine.

An aftermarket piggyback computer can intercept your engine ECU's signals and modify them to work in tandem with your modifications, unlocking their true potential.  Taken to the extreme of how computers have taken over engine tuning, you can often achieve a very sizeable engine power improvement – especially in the case of a turbocharged engine – without touching any physical part at all.  Since boost pressure is usually electronically controlled, substantially higher boost pressure (and hence engine power) can be obtained simply by modifying the ECU signals going to the boost controller.

At Unichip, we can perform all the above functions for you and help you engine perform according to the potential of its modifications or simply enhance an existing engine.  We offer several maps to meet all driving needs.  An aggressive map is ideal for track use, prioritising power output, while an economy map prioritises economy at cruising speeds.  For more information on Unichip, the ultimate in high performance car parts, contact us today.

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