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Engine Performance

How Can You Improve Your Engine Performance?

There are so many ways to improve your engine performance, but how do you know which of the multitude of solutions on sale today are effective and make the best of your engine's in-bred potential without sacrificing reliability?  In the 1980s, it was popular to install low-compression pistons and bolt a crude turbo conversion onto an existing engine.  Tuners always claimed to have “eliminated” turbo lag and that longevity was not impaired.

The logic went that an increase in mid-range torque would preclude frantic revving and that the engine would theoretically have an easier time of it.  However, there was always turbo lag and trying to stay in the boost zone (resulting in a continuously high Mean Effective Pressure) often meant that these engines worked hard for a living – even worse when the owners were young hell drivers with nary a semblance of mechanical sympathy.  These engine performance modifications were ultimately unsuccessful because they did not follow a balanced, holistic approach.

An aftermarket, piggyback performance chip may be just the solution you were looking for.  Virtually all the performance parameters in modern engines are controlled electronically and by intervening to modify the signals forthcoming from your engine's ECU, meaningful performance enhancements can be achieved.  This works even better if you drive a turbocharged vehicle.  Boost pressure can be controlled electronically and varied according to need.

Unichip is probably the best piggyback computer chip available today and one of the most effective ways to improve engine performance.  Different maps can be provided to provide increased turbo boost for track use and a conservative map for street use, so your engine is not under a great deal of stress all the time.  We can even provide a mode whereby boost and revs are limited, like when you loan your vehicle to somebody or take it in for a service.  Contact us for more information on how you can enhance your engine’s performance.

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