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Car Performance Parts

Which Are The Most Important Car Performance Parts?

There are many car performance parts that live up to their name and improve the power output of cars' engines.  Of course, there are also many that are little more than a lot of hot air, bolstered by your firm belief that your vehicle is stronger – when it isn't.  If one keeps to the basics, there is usually a little more power to be had from various performance parts.

Getting more air into your cylinders before the inlet valve closes and evacuating burnt gases as quickly and efficiently as possible through the exhaust port is really all that matters when it comes to mechanical tuning and aftermarket car performance parts.  Gas-flowed inlet manifolds, bigger throttle bodies, polished and ported cylinder heads, more efficient exhaust “branches” and free-flow exhaust systems all endeavour to achieve these ends and sometimes with significant success.

Now there is something else you can do to improve your engine's power delivery – often its fuel consumption too – and it is far less trouble than the aforementioned ways and not invasive at all.  A piggyback computer chip can be added to your vehicle's engine management system.  This chip intercepts the signals that your engine management dispatches to your electronic ignition module, cam phasing device, variable inlet system and other electronic systems that govern the goings-on under your bonnet.  These settings are adapted and a lot can be done to improve the engine's output in this way.

This is why the Unichip is one of the most effective car performance parts available today.  We install and program it to allow your engine to develop maximum power under full-throttle conditions and maximum economy under part-throttle conditions.  It truly is the best of both worlds.  Contact us to learn more.

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