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4x4 Performance

Improve Both Your 4x4’s Performance And Economy

4x4 vehicles are not economical to run because they are usually heavy and need rather large engines to get by.  High fuel prices and emissions legislation have put a further damper on 4x4 and SUV sales.  Especially the petrol-powered models can be extremely thirsty, so diesel has been a more obvious 4x4 fuel of late.  Some diesel 4x4s, however, are rather tardy and while they have perfectly acceptable economy, they often do not have much performance unless you spend a fortune on a performance turbo diesel vehicle.  Not surprisingly, owners of middle-ranking diesel off-road vehicles have started to look for ways to improve their 4x4 performance.

A piggyback computer chip can do much to improve the performance of a turbo diesel 4x4.  It may not in all cases turn a slow vehicle in to a 4x4 performance vehicle, but it can do a great deal to alleviate that all-too-familiar “overtaking angst”, when many 4x4s simply seem breathless, endangering their passengers by having to spend too much time in the overtaking lane due to a lack of power.

A piggyback computer chip intercepts the signals from the engine's ECU and adapts them to achieve different ends.  For example, it can increase fuelling, raise turbo boost pressure and manipulate devices such as variable valve timing and variable intake manifold mechanisms – which are all electronically controlled – to yield significantly more power.  The best of these chips offer several “maps” and the full-throttle map would typically be aggressively programmed for the most power in preference to economy.  However, the “economy” map would be programmed for maximum economy at part-throttle driving.

Unichip is your car and 4x4 performance specialist and we can help you get the best power and economy out of your 4x4 today.  For more information on how we can help, contact us.

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