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4x4 Performance

Improve Your 4x4’s Performance And Economy

4x4s have lost some of their support of late, due of their fuel-imbibing nature, the credit crunch and emmissions legislation.  4x4 vehicles are also weighty because of the additional axles and hardware that have to be heaved along and these components also cause additional friction and drag, adding to the fuel bill.  Low-powered diesel 4x4s may sometimes be capable of reasonable economy, but 4x4 performance vehicles like high-powered SUVs can consume fuel at an alarming rate.

However, today some very powerful diesel 4x4 performance vehicles are available, notably some of the potent performance diesel SUVs from German brands.  They still consume a lot of fuel compared with a normal car, but opting for diesel may lower consumption by over thirty percent, compared to a similar petrol vehicle.  Besides being easier on the pocket, it affords one a decent cruising range between fill-ups.  And for those turbodiesel vehicles that are so painfully slow, but there is help too, in the form of a piggyback performance chip.

With one of these chips, you have far more control over your vehicle’s electronic control unit.  In the case of a turbocharged vehicle, boost pressure can also be changed, giving you more turbo boost and more power.  However, the different maps work together and the part throttle map can be set to maximise your fuel economy when you are not using the additional power, resulting in a pleasing improvement in fuel consumption too.  And even if a petrol 4x4 will never be light on fuel, a chip can still make a worthwhile improvement – and every little improvement helps.

A Unichip is a piggyback computer added to your vehicle’s existing engine control unit and it can achieve all these results – and more.  Improve your 4x4’s performance and economy today and benefit from the years of research and development that has gone into the Unichip. Contact us.

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