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Fuel Efficiency

Increasing Fuel Efficiency Of The Engine In Your Car

Fuel efficiency relates to the amount of kilometres you can travel per litre of petrol or diesel in the tank of your car. In a day and age where every person is becoming more environmentally conscious, it is has become important to try and maximise the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. The simplest way to do this is of course to purchase a fuel efficient car in the first place. However, many people do not like the small compact nature and lack of performance from these types of fuel efficient vehicles.

You can however drive the car that you love no matter how big and powerful it is and improve fuel efficiency with some useful hints and tips. One of the best ways to improve fuel efficiency is with engine tuning and the installation of a car performance chip. Engine tuning will allow you to replace some parts in your engine to minimise friction thereby improving the performance of the vehicle. Improving the performance will mean that you will require less fuel to get the same amount of power output from the engine of your car.

The installation of a car chip in the control unit or computer of your engine allows the reprogramming of how power is distributed to the various engine parts. This can allow a professional car performance chip programmer to ensure that fuel efficiency is a priority while still getting the best performance from the components in the engine. A professional car chip performance expert will also be able to provide you a number of other techniques that you can use to improve fuel efficiency in your car.

Don’t just settle for the car you purchase as is from the dealership and look for ways in which you increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle simply by contacting us.

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