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Better Fuel Consumption

Ways To Get Better Fuel Consumption

Due to ever rising fuel costs, better fuel consumption is becoming a priority in many households. And when you are looking for hints and tips on how you can save on the amount of diesel or petrol that you use you are bombarded with silly information like turning your car off when you stop at a robot or freewheeling down hills. Not only do these better fuel consumption tips only save a negligible amount of fuel, they can be downright dangerous and could result in an accident.

There are much better ways to better fuel consumption from your motor vehicle by simply making a few adjustments to your car and engine. One of these ways is with engine tuning. Engine tuning allows a mechanic to program your engine chip to either provide you with a greater amount of performance or better fuel consumption. You can also upgrade parts and components in the engine so that your car needs to use less fuel in providing you with same or even greater amount of power. Remember that the harder your car has to work to get in motion, the more fuel it will require.

Changing to thinner smaller tyres will also give you better fuel consumption. Thinner tyres have less contact with the road surface thereby creating less drag and improving your fuel economy. Remove any extras from your car such as spoilers, wings and rims. These add weight and can also increase the drag created by the vehicle resulting in higher fuel consumption. When applying these and other measures to the engine and body of your car you should notice a great improvement in the fuel efficiency as well as the performance of your car.

For more information on how you can really get better fuel consumption from your vehicle without having to employ silly and dangerous advice, please contact us.

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