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Fuel Economy

Enhance Your Fuel Economy With A Unichip

You may be surprised to learn that cars’ fuel economy has hardly improved since the 1980s.  You may ask how this is possible, in view of the great strides made in engine technology, efficiency and emmissions control over the last twenty to thirty years.  And it is true that engines are far more efficient today than they had ever been.  However, why have cars not become more thrifty?

The reason is weight.  Whereas a small hatchback vehicle typically weighed between 800 and 900kg in 1985, its modern day successor may easily weigh in excess of 1,200kg.  That is a staggering weight gain of nearly fifty percent and it is mainly due to all the equipment fitted to modern vehicles; safety and luxury equipment we could only have dreamt about, thirty years ago.  The simple fact is that all those impact protection beams in the doors, the airbags, air conditioning systems, electric windows and sound-deadening material that make modern cars so safe, comfortable and refined have exacted a paralysing weight penalty.  However, there are still a few things you can do to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Besides driving more slowly, a piggyback chip installed in your vehicle can have a market effect on your engine’s economy.  The purpose of this chip is to modify the signals that come from your engine’s electronic control unit.  Most standard ECUs are set up at the factory at approximate values to suit the average engine coming off the production line.  By fitting a piggyback chip, your engine’s ECU values can be optimised for your specific engine, often resulting in a pleasing gain in both power and economy.

Unichip has been developed over many years and today, we can offer you products that can enhance your vehicle’s power and fuel economy, whether you drive a naturally aspirated or turbocharged vehicle, petrol or diesel. Contact us.

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