How do I become a Unichip dealer?

How much more power will I gain & how much lighter will my vehicle be on fuel?

Because no two cars are identical it is impossible to predict just how far from perfect the vehicle will be before fitting the Unichip. Some cars are closer than others and therefore the results will vary. On some cars you may get better fuel consumption but maybe not much more power. On others the increase in power might be good but the fuel consumption might remain the same. Some might get a lot of improvement in drivability. In most cases you should be able to improve all of the above. It all depends on how close to perfect the car’s existing map is for that particular vehicle.

We promise the customer that the car will be as light as possible on fuel when he drives calmly and it will make as much power as possible when he puts his foot flat on the accelerator. We also promise him that if within three months he feels that it is not worth having the Unichip we will remove it and refund him the full amount, including installation and mapping fee. We do not make any other promises. We strive to promise less but do more.

What will happen to my vehicle’s warrantee?

The Unichip has been installed in several thousand new vehicles as an option on new cars by various brands. Most manufacturers have used the Unichip technology on their factory racing cars or economy run vehicles.

However, some manufacturers may not approve of such (or other) alterations to a new vehicle so the best will be to contact the dealership through which you bought your vehicle or the one that services it and get approval from them before doing so.  

If you so choose you can also opt for the U-connect option in which case you can add or remove the system whenever you want. 

What is the U-connect Plug ‘n Play system?

The only difference between the Unichip installation and the U-connect Plug ‘n Play system is the wiring harness that enables this installation without cutting or interfering with the original wiring.

You simply unplug the original ECU wiring and install this system between the male and female plugs. All the necessary original male and female plugs are included in the harness.

The ultimate result is “once removed” no footprint or trace of the original installation at all. Unlike other systems there is no tampering with the vehicles’ ECU or wiring.  For more info look on the product page by clicking on the link at the top.

How long does installation take?

This will greatly depend on what type of vehicle it is and what options you require. 90 % of all installations will be completed within a day. Check with your local dealer for your specific vehicle. To find your nearest dealer click on the link at the top.


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