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Quality Engine Parts

Beware Poor Quality Engine Parts

All the top-selling vehicle manufacturers only use the best quality engine parts to construct their engine, usually making for trouble-free and reliable motoring for many years.  However, many enthusiasts yearn for a little extra performance than their standard engine can produce and turn to the aftermarket that can sometimes offer them poor quality engine parts to upgrade their engines.  Poor quality engine parts can quickly ruin a perfectly good engine, so be very circumspect of little-known suppliers without an established reputation.

Top quality engine parts for aftermarket modifications are essential if you are to maintain your engine's reliability.  Hand-in-hand with this goes top quality modifications to existing engine parts.  For example, cylinder head work can often flatter to deceive and a “gas-flow” may often yield very small (or no) performance gains in exchange for a considerable sum of cash.  Over-enthusiastic cylinder head skimming may result in a compression ratio that is too high, exposing the engine to detonation problems.  These then have to be compensated for by using octane boosters, but the average pressure on the pistons may remain too high, compromising engine reliability.

Nowadays, a lot can be achieved electronically, without modifying the actual engine.  Top quality engine parts in terms of electronic piggyback chips can sufficiently modify the vehicle's standard engine management settings to bring about a sizeable gain in performance and sometimes economy too.  Keep in mind that a standard production engine's fuel injection settings are usually standardised across the entire assembly line, not taking into account the small variances between individual engines.  Noticeable improvements can be affected by modifying your engine management's setting to suit your specific engine.

Do not trust just any supplier of “top quality” engine parts; speak to the experts and you may stand to gain a lot by installing a properly engineered and planned electronic piggyback computer chip with several versatile mappings.  Contact us if you are looking for quality engine parts.

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