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vehicle fine-tune

Better Engine Parts

Chipping Compliments The Fitting Of Better Engine Parts

In a quest to improve their vehicles' performance and/or fuel economy, people are fitting all manner of different – of not always better – engine parts.  Most vehicles leaving the factory are usually set up to give the best possible fuel consumption and therefore, fuel consumption improvements achievable using aftermarket components are often very marginal; some modifications may significantly worsen fuel consumption.

Standardised Mass Production

Mass production means that all vehicles leave the factory with engine control units set to exactly the same settings and tailored settings that suit your particular engine usually achieve better economy results than fitting better engine parts.  Such a modification to your engine control unit is often called “chipping” and a professionally designed and installed “chip” can impart a marginal improvement in economy and sometimes a healthy improvement in power output.

A piggyback chip is so effective at achieving increased power output because your engine's power is almost always kept to very conservative levels to benefit economy.  Better engine parts play their role too, but they have to be well-designed and the installation well-planned or you may find that they render no improvement at all, or even stunt your engine's performance.  Still, exhaust systems, cylinder heads and intake manifolds can often be modified to improve gas flow and thereby improve power output.

Different Maps for Different Driving Conditions

A piggyback chip is usually one of the simplest and least expensive ways to improve your engine's power output, compared to the cost of fitting better engine parts like exhaust systems or exhaust manifolds.  Our piggyback chip is entirely non-invasive and your vehicle's standard electronic control unit stays intact; the chip merely modifies the signals issued by the ECU to achieve more power.  Different mappings are possible for different driving conditions:

  • A conservative mapping prioritises economy above all other factors when driving sedately
  • An aggressive mapping comes into play during full-throttle driving to optimise performance over economy
  • A track setting can also optimise power and perhaps even increase boost levels on turbocharged cars for track use
  • A special setting can be activated when leaving your vehicle with a dealership to be serviced, limiting factors like boost, engine revolutions and power output to avoid abuse by service personnel


The Difference Better Engine Parts Make

If you have had modified parts like manifolds and exhaust systems fitted, or you had work done like gas flowing of the cylinder head, you can often gain a significant power advantage, but you would have to have your engine management system recalibrated and reprogrammed to best complement the hardware changes.  A piggyback chip is the best solution, because it is non-invasive, versatile and flexible enough to achieve all the different settings and mappings you may require.

In the case of turbocharged engines, a very sizeable power increase can be achieved by chipping the engine management system to increase boost pressure, often obviating the need for other expensive, if better, engine parts.  For more information on how to improve your vehicle's power and economy, contact us.

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