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Top Engine Performance

How To Ensure Top Engine Performance

If you have made a substantial investment in a high performance motor vehicle or merely want to get top engine performance out of your car or 4x4, then perhaps you should be evaluating the purchase of a high performance chip for your investment. Many South African road users are finding that by boosting the performance of their factory fitted computer or ECU (engine control unit) through the professional fitment of a high performance chip they enjoy their driving experience much more.

Aside from enhancing several characteristics of the cars’ performance a quality high performance chip can significantly improve fuel consumption. To get top engine performance always source your high performance chip from an accredited dealer who has previous experience in fitting high performance chips to the make and model of car that you are driving.

The high performance chip is essentially a powerful chip that acts as a supercomputer dedicated to improving top engine performance in most makes of automobile that have an ECU fitted as factory standard equipment. engineNewer and more advanced chips offer the driver the option of changing the driving characteristics and improving engine performance, amongst other parameters by selecting from 5 or more pre-programmed settings that are provided by the high performance tuning specialist in close cooperation with the driver of the motor vehicle. The fitting of a high performance chip is best left to the tuning professional as correct fitment requires the use of specialised equipment. By using a tuning professional the car owner is assured that the chip will always offer optimum performance.

In this way top engine performance can be improved in various ways. Some examples of the parameters that can be altered through the fitment of a high performance chip include the engine timing, port injection characteristics, a resetting or elimination of the governed speed of the motor vehicle, rev characteristics and even braking characteristics. Of interest to the 4x4 owner is the ability of the high performance chip to improve fuel economy over both short and long distances, as well as an improvement to the torque characteristics of the motor vehicle. Vehicle performance and fuel economy can also be improved even in the driving conditions and heavy traffic that characterise the driving experience fund in many of South Africa’s more congested urban centres.

An advanced high performance chip is one of the safest, most cost effective and efficient ways to improve top engine performance and other characteristics relating to the drivability of the motor vehicle. The various settings available to the driver can make the motor vehicle into a street legal racing machine, ready for club or legal weekend usage on the track or give it the docile and fuel sipping characteristics of a family sedan. By fitting a high performance chip the driver is, in essence getting many motor vehicles for the price of one.

If you want to explore your motor vehicles’ top engine performance or simply want to get the best from one of the largest investments that you will ever make then make sure that the performance chip you fit it sourced from professionals. For more information contact us.

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