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Motorsport Racing Chips

The Fitment Of Motorsport Racing Chips

In the highly competitive world of motorsport any advantage that can be gained from technology that doesn’t break the rules is welcomed by the individual driver. Today the rewards of competitive motorsport make it even more important that drivers invest what they can in their motor vehicles in order to maintain their competitive edge.

One of the ways that drivers maintain this edge is through the fitment of highly advanced motorsport racing chips which act in conjunction with factory fitted engine management systems to in effect provide the motor vehicle with a supercomputer that can boost performance radically. These chips are today so advanced that they require the services of trained performance tuners in order to get the most out of their potential performance. 

Motorsport racing chips represent great value for money when compared to other methods of improving the performance of racing vehicles, such as reducing weight or fitting high performance engine parts. Both of these approaches can result in significant speed increases, but may render the car unfit for use on public roads.

The good news about motorsport racing chips is that they are available for those racing enthusiasts who still want to be able to use their cars on public roads, but would still like the performance enhancement that would allow them to take part in weekend race meets.

Racing chips such as the Dastek Unichip, can when fitted by a tuning professional drastically improve the performance of any vehicle fitted with an engine management system, without compromising the legality of the motor vehicle for use on public roads. Parameters such as rev limits, top speed and even fuel consumption can be altered using these chips.

Best of all, the driver can select a set of parameters and instruct the tuning professionals to have these parameters pre set into the Unichip. In this way the driver can choose which setting to use, making weekend motorsport and significantly increased performance a reality, while another setting will return the car to its factory default.

If you want to know more about motorsport racing chips then give the professionals a call, contact us.

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