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Diesel Chips

Performance Enhancing Diesel Chips

Today there are performance enhancing chips for almost any car that comes fitted with a factory specification engine management system. As diesel motor vehicles become more and more popular there has been an ever increasing interest in performance enhancing diesel chips. These diesel chips are especially popular with the owners of off road vehicles where extra power can mean the difference between an enjoyable off road experience and one where being literally stuck in the mud ruins the experience for everyone, drivers and passengers alike.

The diesel chips are also popular in rescue vehicles that are often called upon to drag stranded vehicles to safety. The diesel chips fitted to off road vehicles have very similar characteristics to those that are fitted to petrol vehicles. The diesel chip acts in conjunction with the existing factory fitted engine management system to deliver enhanced performance in a number of areas, depending on the requirements of the driver.

Diesel chips can perform a variety of functions when fitted by a performance tuning specialist. The functions can vary from delivering the maximum safe power at full throttle to improving fuel consumption characteristics. The diesel chip can also be tuned to allow the motor vehicle to deliver different responses and power under a variety of throttle and rev conditions.

The more advanced diesel chips, such as those manufactured by Dastek, for example the Unichip can actually be programmed by the tuning professional with up to 5 individual settings, with the parameters for performance selected by the driver. For off road vehicles this means increased versatility under a variety of load and road conditions.

As with all advanced engine chips the fitment of the diesel chips should always be left in the hands of a tuning professional who will have the right equipment on hand to ensure that optimal performance is obtained from the chip. By using a professional the owner of the vehicle is also assured that the driving characteristics of the motor vehicle comply with safety regulations.

If you would like to know more about diesel chips and how they can improve your off road and on road experience then contact us.

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