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Chip Tuning

Chip Tuning For Improved Performance And Fuel Consumption

Your car is one of the largest investments you will ever make. It is a reflection of your personal taste and should serve as an advertising board for who you are and where you’re going. For many people this means that they should try to get the most out of the motor vehicle that they are driving and when the vehicle has an on board computer many will choose to supplement this functionality by chip tuning the motor vehicle. In essence chip tuning means the purchase of a supplementary chip (in many cases a supplementary on board computer) that will allow them, through the services of a tuning professional to improve the performance of their motor vehicle. Chip tuning can  improve on the default settings that the manufacturer has set for the motor vehicle and improve some performance characteristics such as idling settings, power output and even fuel economy. The extent of these improvements is usually a function of how optimally the manufacturer has set the car up, many vehicles will experience an improvement in performance, but fuel consumption will remain the same and vice versa, however in some instances overall performance can be improved.

When considering whether or not to take advantage of the possible performance enhancement that chip tuning can offer always take into account that the installation of a chip can invalidate the warranty of your motor vehicle. If in doubt you should contact your dealership and enquire whether the fitment of a performance enhancing chip will have any effect on your warranty. In some cases it will, while in others the installation will be approved.

Remember, when you’re considering tuning your car through the installation of a chip that no two cars are the same and any improvements will be up to the skill of the tuner and the make of your vehicle. Always choose an installer who has experience with both your type of vehicle and the type of chip you’re going to have installed.

For more information on the pros and cons of chip tuning contact us.

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