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Diesel Chips

Diesel Chips Improve Diesel Performance

There is a lot one can do to improve the performance of a turbocharged vehicle.  Since these engine have forced induction, boost and mixture settings can be manipulated rather easily to yield a very handy performance improvement.  Performance “chips” modify a vehicle engine’s ECU settings to optimise the engine management parameters for the specific engine.  Similarly, diesel chips can do a lot to improve the performance of diesel engines.

Turbodiesel engines are renowned for their punchy torque delivery and exemplary economy, but they leave the factory with standard factory settings programmed into their engine control units.  Many of the maps programmed into these standard systems are rather crude and have been written to represent a happy compromise for a wide cross section of different engines that leave the factory – it is a known fact that even apparently identical engines always differ from each other.  These “approximate” settings result in satisfactory running, but there is almost always room for improvement.  Of course, many people elect to upgrade the power output at the same time and diesel chips make this particularly easy.

Almost all the engine parameters are electronically controlled on modern engines, including the accelerator and turbo boost control.  It stands to reason that the modification of these electronic engine control maps can bring about increased boost and as a result, improved power and performance.  The best piggyback chips available today give you the luxury of several maps, so you can run higher boost when using the car on a track, use lower boost for street use or severely limit the boost and/or engine revs for when you leave your car with a dealership.

Diesel chips such as the Unichip have done a lot to dispel the myth that diesel cars are slow.  The Unichip has built an enviable reputation as one of the most preferred ways to optimise both the performance and economy of turbodiesel engines.  Contact us today.

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