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Chip Performance

A Piggyback Chip Improves Performance

Many people balk at the idea of having their vehicles modified for fear of complications.  Therefore, for the most versatile chip performance, a piggyback chip is hard to beat.  A piggyback chip is non-invasive and is added to your vehicle’s existing engine management system.  The piggyback computer, or chip, modifies the outputs of your existing ECU.  In fact, your engine’s ECU functions as normally, but its signals are intercepted on their way to the injectors, variable valve timing mechanism and ignition timing module to achieve different mappings.

There are two reasons why many cars do not perform to their full potential.  When they leave the factory, they are firstly tuned very conservatively – often too conservatively – to improve economy.  Secondly, their ECUs are programmed with a standard program that is used on all the vehicles that leave the factory fitted with that engine.  In reality, no two different engines are identical and each should be tuned individually for optimal results.  Chip performance tuning can achieve these results.

It gives your engine what it has always deserved: its own individual settings.  When piggyback chip tuning is intelligently applied, you get the best of both extremes.  Your engine maintains its conservative, part-throttle economy because there is an economy map that caters for that requirement.  However, far more aggressive fuelling and ignition settings are possible on the “power” map, giving you maximum power.

This is what you get with a Unichip, but it is not all.  There are several maps available, so you can even specify a power-biased map for racetrack use.  Another map may be used to limit the revs and/or turbo boost for when you leave your vehicle with a dealership for a service.  Unichip is chip performance taken to new heights.  Contact us today to learn more.

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