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Car Chip Tuning

Car Chip Tuning For Better Power And Economy

Have you heard about “chipping” and car chip tuning, but you are not sure what it means?  Such is the lingo used in car circles nowadays, that it is not always immediately evident what people are talking about, especially in the tuning industry.  The “chip” refers to the engine’s electronic control unit that manages all the engine functions, like ignition timing, variable valve timing, mixture strength and turbo boost pressure, where applicable.

It follows that car chip tuning modifies the settings of this “chip” to achieve different timing, mixture and boost values.  By changing those values, the performance and economy parameters of an engine can be substantially adapted.  Aggressive settings will enhance power to the detriment of economy and conservative settings may improve economy, but at the cost of power output.  An intelligent compromise would be to optimise the one that is most important at the time.

For example, when you floor the accelerator, you want maximum power and performance and economy is a secondary consideration.  In this instance, it makes sense to favour power.  When you are cruising at part-throttle, it stands to reason that you want the best possible economy, and your tuning regime should allow for this.  Therefore, what you need is intelligent chip tuning that gives you the best of both worlds without forcing you to live with some disadvantages all of the time.

This is exactly what makes the Unichip car chip tuning different.  Our piggyback computer systems are intelligent enough to give you what you want when you need it.  We have built up an enviable reputation over the years with our Unichip and our state-of-the-art dynamometers on which we fine-tune your vehicle.  For the best of both worlds, contact us today.

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