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Chip Tuning Your Car

Chip Tuning Your Car The Safe Way To Improve Both Power And Economy

You have to be careful who you trust in chip tuning your car and if you do not stick to the professionals, you may end up with expensive damage to your engine.  Some types of chip tuning is very invasive and once unqualified people start hacking away at your engine management system's wiring loom, you may end up with far more trouble that you had bargained for – and a very steep bill to set everything right again.  Professional chip tuning is a highly specialised job and everything depends on achieving a sound balance:

  • maximising power
  • optimising economy
  • maintaining reliability

Power – But Not at All Costs

Careless chip tuning of your car can have dire consequences and given the right combustion conditions in terms of ignition timing, mixture strength and valve timing can cause a myriad of problems, like overheating or detonation.  Detonation is when uncontrolled, spontaneous combustion occurs in response to hot spots or other combustion factors, causing the rogue flame front to collide with the spark-induced one.  The knocking or “pinking” sound can be heard clearly at low engine speeds but may be totally inaudible at high engine speeds and can cause catastrophic damage, even burning a hole in the piston.

Achieving the Balance

It is therefore important to achieve a sound balance when chip tuning your car and any power gains should not come at the expense of reliability or steady-speed fuel economy.  Our piggyback chip has stood the test of time and we have developed and refined it to the stage where you get all-round gains without the risk factors involved in a “backyard” job.  We can help you unlock the hidden potential in your car's engine and really make it come into its own.

If chip tuning your car can optimise your engine's power output and fuel economy, the question has to be why these things are not already optimal when you buy your brand-new car?  Actually, mass-produced engines very often perform well below their potential because of the standardised ECU settings that are meant to cater for all the engines leaving the production line, even if very small production variances between seemingly identical engines would seem to require customised settings for each.

The Best of Both Worlds

When we perform chip tuning on your car, you can be assured that our piggyback chip is non-invasive and your ECU is left intact; its settings are merely optimised.  All of the following can be achieved:

  • the settings can be modified to allow for the maximum possible power delivery at full throttle
  • conversely, economy can be optimised for part-throttle running
  • turbocharged cars' turbo boost settings can be manipulated to achieve more power
  • different maps can be selected, some of which are very aggressive for track use or mild for normal use.  Special maps can limit engine speed, boost pressure and control other parameters when leaving your car at a dealership to prevent abuse

Talk to the experts today for professional chip tuning your car and maximise your engine's potential.

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