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Car Turbo Chips

Better Performance Through Car Turbo Chips

If your car has been factory fitted with a turbo device, chances are that you are one of the select band of consumers who really enjoy having that bit of extra power under the hood, and probably one that knows about car turbo chips too. A turbo will kick in when you need that little bit of extra oomph during overtaking manoeuvres or when your cruising along at higher revs. If you fit a car turbo chip to your turbo your options to boost the performance of the vehicle increase markedly.

Piggyback car turbo chips allow the tuner to remap the turbo boost function control of the onboard computer or ECU. By remapping the setting the skilled tuner can boost turbo pressure at will, changing the mapping to the driver’s specification. He can change the performance to a high boost map that is suitable for track driving and tweak the normal setting for street driving. Many car turbo chips can be used to up the fuel economy of the vehicle under normal driving conditions.

Many of the high end turbo chips on the market are specifically designed to cope with the stresses of controlling a turbo unit that has been fitted as an aftermarket option. This means that the driver can get consistently excellent performance from an aftermarket unit.

When having any sort of performance management turbo chips fitted it is essential that you ensure that the manufacture will guarantee the work and also guarantee that the installation of the chip will not damage your vehicle in any way. It is also your responsibility to find out from the vehicle manufacturer whether or not the fitment of a piggyback system will invalidate your vehicles warranty. If you are assured that it will not always get this assurance in writing. If the chip does cause damage it will be too late after the fact. Another good common sense step is to make sure that your motor vehicle insurance will cover the vehicle if performance enhancing car turbo chips have been installed.

If you would like further information on car turbo chips then contact us.

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