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Car Chip

A New Lease On Life For Your Vehicle With A Car Chip

If you’re bored with your car it may not be necessary to trade it in for a new or different model, it might be possible to rev up your current models performance with a car chip. Most car chips act as a second or rather subsidiary computer which piggy backs of the cars existing computer. The car chip can be programmed to improve the performance of the vehicle under full throttle conditions and even under light load conditions. This better performance can include more fuel efficient running of the motor vehicle. Most vehicles as they come of the assembly line have areas of performance that can be improved. The manufacturers when setting up the motor vehicle engage in a balancing act that sets up the car in a way that suits the majority of drivers, although there are certainly some areas that can be improved. By fitting a car chip your vehicle can be set up to take advantage of parameters that can be tweaked to improve performance.

When choosing a car chip always make sure that you are sourcing the product from a reputable manufacturer that has history of supplying quality products and ensure that you have the chip fitted by an accredited fitment centre. If you fail to do this you risk damage to your motor vehicle. Choose your car chip carefully as some units can override the existing settings of the onboard computer in a way that cannot be reset, higher end car chips avoid this problem by being designed to allow the default settings to be automatically defaulted to once the chip is removed.

Always make sure that your chip manufacturer provides a full guarantee on the performance of the unit and that the unit is suitable for your make and model of motor vehicle. Mistakes in installation cannot simply be rectified once damage has taken place.

For more information about which car chip would be best suited to your car contact us.

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