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Car Turbo Chip

One Can Chip A Turbo Car To Deliver More Performance

With modern cars sporting electronic control units nowadays, controlling every parameter of their engines’ performance, “chipping” has become a popular way to enhance a vehicle’s performance.  A chip allows your car’s engine to function outside the limits programmed into the standard ECU.  This can be very advantageous, because the default ECU settings with which your vehicle leaves the factory are at best average values for a typical engine and have not been individually optimised for your particular engine.  And if you have a forced induction car, turbo chip technology is available too.

Normally aspirated cars can be chipped to provide optimised ignition mapping and fuelling.  Part throttle mapping will ensure the best possible economy and lean-burning combustion, while the full throttle map typically offers the best settings for maximum power delivery.  For a forced induction car, turbo chip settings offer a whole range of additional possibilities.  Modern turbochargers are electronically controlled and a chip can alter these settings to offer more boost for performance motoring or less boost for when you leave the car with a dealership to service, limiting the possibility of abuse.

Your turbo car will also benefit greatly from competent chipping if it has been modified.  You can now control other performance-enhancing systems like nitrous and water injection, and you can drive additional injectors for high-rev mixture enrichment, which are often required on aftermarket turbo conversions to cope with the demands imposed by the charged air supply.  In addition, you can set the boost to a high value on a track day and reset it to a lower value for street use, enhancing everyday reliability.

The Unichip can do all these things and a whole lot more.  For a boosted car, turbo chip technology from Unichip affords you the ultimate control over your car’s performance.  For more information, please contact us today.

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