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Car Performance Chips

Car Performance Chips Improve Engine Power

Car performance chips have been a popular way to improve a vehicle’s performance, but there are so many derivatives on the market that it is often hard to choose one.  To the layman, it is not always obvious what these “chips” do and how they affect a vehicle’s performance.  Of course, we are talking about electronic chips that alter the settings of a vehicle’s fuel delivery and ignition systems to achieve improved power.

As the term suggests, car performance chips mainly improve a vehicle’s performance, but there is far more to it than that.  Through “chipping”, most of the parameters of an engine’s electronic control unit (ECU) can be altered.  That is to say, one has far better control over the settings that both affect power and fuel efficiency.  To this end, a chip can be programmed with several different maps that come into play under different circumstances.  An idling map can alter a vehicle’s idling speed, mixture and other factors, while a full throttle map comes into play only when the accelerator is floored completely – this map can be set to offer the maximum possible performance.

On the other hand, one still wants good economy when the extra performance is not being utilised, so the part-throttle map can be set in such a way to ensure the best possible economy and lean running characteristics to maintain your vehicle’s steady-speed cruising fuel consumption.  Of course, the possibilities are limitless and it would be extremely useful if one could activate a special “service” map, to ensure that your car’s revs are limited to a pre-determined value when you leave the car with a dealership for a service, for instance.

All these things – and more – are possible with a Unichip.  Benefit from our extensive experience and many years of research and development that has brought people everywhere the very best car performance chips available today. Contact us.

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